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Thief: Original Soundtrack

Thief was Michael Mann's directorial debut. It is now a classic of the 1980s. It has become one of Tangerine Dream's signature film scores. Multiple versions of the score have been released over the years. Our release contains both Confrontation and Beach Scene; depending on what version of the album you had, either of which was left off previous albums. In our opinion, this is one of the best electronic scores of the 80s, and we're happy to bring it back with a limited edition of 4000 CDs and the proper track list. Release Notes Terrific masters provided by Warner Music. Extensive liner notes by James Phillips. 9 track release that includes both Beach Scene and Confrontation. This corrects the errors on previous releases where both tracks were never on the same release. Usually it was a release with Confrontation and no Beach Scene or vice versa. Wounded Bird even had either Beach Scene included or there was a version with Igneous missing. Only 4000 copies will be manufactured. We will not make any more after we reach that total. We used the original Elektra LP cover art. We added an additional music credit for Craig Safan's track, Confrontation. â¢As we always state--our deal for this album lasts for a specific period of years. With the market shifting dramatically to digital, it is highly doubtful another label would reissue this recording. Grab it while you can. Key selling points â¢Tangerine Dream is among the most successful electronic groups of all time. This album can be filed in either the soundtrack section under Thief or under Tangerine Dream. â¢Remastered from original album elements. This is the definitive deluxe reissue of this album. No previous release features both of the missing tracks, Confrontation or Beach Scene together. Fans of this movie will buy the soundtrack. â¢Thief gets regular airings on either pay or free cable movie outlets. It is shown that when a movie airs on cable for a period of time, sales for that soundtrack tend to go up.

Thief: Original Soundtrack Tracklist

0 Beach Theme
1 Dr. Destructo
2 Diamond Diary
3 Burning Bar
4 Beach Scene
5 Scrap Yard
6 Trap Feeling
7 Igneous
8 Confrontation

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